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Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Support Services

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Software made by MuftaSoft

Data Backup and System Reliability

Heavy Data Backup TM

Backup Server


Tech Support

Enterprise Software development, support and training.

Project Management System

Human Resources System

Collaboration and Groupware

Egroupware supported Virtual Machine.

Egroupware Features

Egroupware Clients

PHPBB Bulletin board system

phpBB Features

Examples of large phpBB sites with millions of posts.

Enterprise Resource Planning ERP

Computer Security and Reliability

Wordpress Hosting Services

Domain Name Server Services

DNS Server services

Electronic Medical Records

Ecommerce Service Rates

Single command no parameters required scanning software for Linux by MuftaSoft

Software for Linux by ATRC and MuftaSoft

Kanban virtual machine

Support for popular brands

VoIP Services

VoIP Services

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Telecoms Related Products and Services

ATRC Internet Services are used by

ISPs, Cable Networks, Gaming Zones, Cyber Cafes, Web Hosting providers and Corporate Clients based on their requirements.

Mail Servers

Webmail : Web based mail access for clients.

SMTP : Sending mail for clients.

POP3 : Inbox access for clients.

IMAP4 : Two way mail for clients with folders.

Antispamming : Marking of Junk Mail for easy filtering.

Antivirus : Deletion of dangerous Mails with viruses.

DNS Servers

Authoritative Domain Lookup

Reverse Domain Lookup

Forwarding to other servers

Query to Root servers

Caching name server.

Dynamic DNS servers.

Proxy Servers

High Speed Internet Access

Effective Bandwidth Utilization

Access control

IP Based

Mac Address Based

Password Based

Separate file

Windows Domain Password

Bandwidth Control based on IP

Internet Gaming Servers

Media Streaming Services
  Audio Broadcasting on the Internet.
  Video Broadcasting on the Internet.
  Video Conferencing on the Internet.
Web Servers
  Access control for documents.
  Hosting Services
Hosting of Managed Servers on
  inside ISPs,
  inside Data Centers.
  Oracle, PostgreSQL, mySQL.
      Installation and support.
      SQL Script Development
      Integration with the Apache Web Server.
      Access control based on IP
  Environment Design
      Ergonomics : Comfortable Furniture.
      Acoustics : Sound Control
      Air conditioning and Heating.
Server Support
  Incident Based
      Transportation, Lodging and Hourly Rates.
      Cities : Karachi, Dubai, Hyderabad, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi.
  Annual Support
      Standard : Next business day (NBD) response Service Level Agreement (SLA)
      Silver : 4 Hours response SLA
      Gold : 2 Hours response SLA

Rack Mount Casings

Racks and Cabinets.



Remote Access Servers (Asynchronous and Modular).

External Modems (Single and Multiple in Racks).




  Database Security
  Network Security
  IT Auditing
  Security Policies.
  Wireless LAN Security.
  Intrusion detection systems. (IDS)
  Intruder detection systems. (IerDS)
  SSL of services
  Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  Operating System Hardening (Linux)

Commercial Software Licenses and Support

  Linux : Mandrake, RedHat, Suse, Slackware, any other distribution.
      AT&T Unix
      Adobe Photoshop
      Adobe Acrobat Reader
      Adobe Acrobat Writer
          Lotus Software
          Lotus software for collaboration and human productivity
          Rational Software
          Tivoli Software
      Symantec Norton Antivirus
      Symantec Internet Security
      Symantec Password Manager
      Symantec Firewall

Security Cameras

Web Development

Digital Currencies Development

System Integration Services

Point of Sale (POS) Systems

WIFI Server

Document Management Server

Managed ICT Services

1. Infrastructure Management:

1.1 Server Management:

1.1.1 Server Deployment

1.1.2 Configuration Management

1.1.3 Performance Monitoring

1.1.4 Patch Management

1.2 Network Management:

1.2.1 Network Monitoring

1.2.2 Firewall Management

1.2.3 VPN Management

1.2.4 Load Balancer Management

1.3 Storage Management:

1.3.1 Storage Monitoring

1.3.2 Backup and Recovery

1.3.3 Data Archiving

1.3.4 Network Attached Storage

2. Security Management:

2.1 Endpoint Security:

2.1.1 Antivirus Management

2.1.2 Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

2.1.3 Device Encryption

2.2 Network Security:

2.2.1 Intrusion Detection and Prevention

2.2.2 Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

2.2.3 Firewall Configuration and Monitoring

2.3 Data Security:

2.3.1 Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

2.3.2 Encryption Services

2.3.3 Identity and Access Management (IAM)

3. Cloud Management:

3.1 Cloud Infrastructure:

3.1.1 Cloud Server Management

3.1.2 Cloud Storage Management

3.1.3 Virtual Network Management

3.2 Cloud Security:

3.2.1 Identity and Access Management

3.2.2 Cloud Compliance Monitoring

3.2.3 Threat Intelligence for Cloud

3.3 Cloud Cost Optimization:

3.3.1 Resource Scaling

3.3.2 Cost Monitoring and Reporting

4. Application Management:

4.1 Software Deployment:

4.1.1 Application Packaging

4.1.2 Deployment Automation

4.2 Performance Monitoring:

4.2.1 Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

4.2.2 User Experience Monitoring

4.2.3 Log Management

4.3 Database Management:

4.3.1 Database Performance Tuning

4.3.2 Backup and Recovery

5. Help Desk and Support:

5.1 Incident Management:

5.1.1 Ticketing System

5.1.2 Problem Resolution

5.2 Data Recovery services

5.2.1 General data recovery

5.2.2 Remote data recovery

5.2 User Support:

5.2.1 Remote Desktop Support

5.2.2 User Training

5.3 IT Asset Management:

5.3.1 Inventory Tracking

RFID Partner supplier in Saudia Arabia

5.3.2 License Management

More Services


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