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CRM Brochure ATRC (PDF)

CRM Brochure ATRC (ODT)

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a strategy and software system that helps businesses manage interactions with customers and prospects. Some benefits of implementing a CRM system include:

Improved customer relationships: A CRM system can help businesses build stronger relationships with customers by providing tools to track customer interactions, preferences, and behavior. This information can be used to personalize communication and tailor offerings to meet the customer's needs.

Enhanced sales performance: A CRM system can help sales teams identify new opportunities, manage leads, and track the sales pipeline, leading to improved sales performance and revenue growth.

Increased customer retention: By providing better customer service and support, a CRM system can help businesses retain customers and reduce churn rates.

Improved efficiency and productivity: A CRM system can automate many routine tasks, such as data entry, scheduling, and reporting, freeing up time for employees to focus on more strategic activities.

Better collaboration and communication: A CRM system can provide a centralized platform for teams to share customer information and collaborate on tasks, leading to better communication and teamwork.

Greater business insights: A CRM system can provide insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and business performance, enabling companies to make data-driven decisions and optimize their operations.

Overall, a CRM system can help businesses improve customer relationships, increase sales, and streamline their operations, leading to greater competitiveness and profitability.

Software services for companies. Marketing, Sales and Customer Relationship Management

The CRM software is for companies of all sizes. It easily adapts to any business environment. It is an excellent product due to its rich features. It is convenient to every organization from all sizes and industries/businesses.

Training available for all features available. Remote development and support model to make solution cost effective

The CRM software provides Sales people with the tools to effectively monitor and direct their sales teams & reps by enabling marketing, sales, and management teams to collaborate with one system. The CRM software provides a real-time view of sales opportunities at all times, from anywhere in the world.

We can also integrate mobile solutions to increase productivity & efficiency. We can integrate e-mail and calendar information with Microsoft Outlook, ensuring that company communications are centralized and coordinated.

Easy Set-Up and Administration

  Downloadable plug-ins for integration with Microsoft® Outlook and Word Pre-built dashboards, with the ability to customize if required, which provide real-time information about business performance
  Access Control allows certain information to be shared or restricted based on user credentials Ability to bulk import existing customer data (Ex. from other CRM tools such as Sales Force and ACT, or as a .CSV file)

Customer Relationship Management

  Account creation and management, with any number of contacts associated with each account
  Detailed activity history of meetings, calls, tasks, notes with option for file attachments and emails is tracked for each contact, account, lead, opportunity and case
  Close more sales by managing sales opportunities effectively - Manage your leads and sales prospects throughout the sales cycle to help ensure that nothing falls through the cracks

Sales Force Automation

  Dashboard-The Dashboard provides a single-view of the important statistics about sales performance including: Pipeline by sales stage, Pipeline by month & Opportunity by outcome, and opportunity by sales stage
  Summary view of upcoming appointments, top opportunities, open cases, leads, open tasks, sales pipeline graph, monthly calendar, and a quick contact entry facility
  Sales lead creation and tracking, and conversion of sales leads into opportunities
  Graphical dashboard display of opportunities pipeline, lead sources and outcomes

Track Sales Opportunities

  Track important information, such as the status of your sales opportunities, revenue potential, probability of closing, and expected close date so that you can forecast your sales with confidence
  Sort and filter your contacts and sales opportunities with views to see only the most relevant information
  Include product or service and price information related to your opportunities which can help to identify potential revenue streams and product or service demand

Customer Service Tracking

  A case management system that allows users to track customer problems and resolutions. Allows each problem to have a life cycle of information to help improve customer satisfaction
  Each case links to the related account, contacts, notes, associated files, plus call and meeting activity history

Advanced Reporting

  Informative, preformatted reports track the status of sales efforts, help you prioritize sales tasks, and can offer insight into your business
  Run customized reports to quickly filter and summarize information about your business contacts and opportunities (eg. run a report to see your sales forecast for the next quarter based on leads and opportunities in your The CRM software pipeline)

Corporate Calendar

  Calendar view (by day, week, month or year) of all corporate activities, with an associated task list
  Shared calendar for viewing other users' calendars to help to avoid scheduling conflicts

Work Flow & Contract Management

  Control how information moves through your business more efficiently
  Tasks may be assigned to users, with the option to have automatic email notifications sent to advise users of new tasks or leads requiring action or follow-up
  Log contract start and end dates, and create workflow to make a task appear prior to a contract expiry
  Enhanced lead sharing automates the transfer of leads generated from marketing into the sales pipeline
  Synchronize The CRM software with your Microsoft® Outlook*, so you never forget to follow-up a customer – Simply download the Outlook plug-in and synchronize your email and calendar in Outlook 2003* with The CRM software

Create Quotes & Invoices

  Create a product or item list within The CRM software to generate quotes for your products and/or services
  Convert Opportunity records into PDF quotes and invoices that can then be emailed to the account contact
  Import price lists so you can have the most current product information for your quotes

Manage Customer Information

  Organize and access all of your prospect and customer information in one central place - The CRM software gives small businesses one place to manage customer information, and track key information about sales opportunities, accounts, and individual business contacts
  Automatically associate incoming and outgoing email messages and appointments with your accounts, business contacts, or business opportunities so you can easily find them later
  Link tasks, notes, phone logs, and files to your accounts, business contacts, or sales opportunities so you can retrieve them quickly

Share Customer Information with Co-Workers

  Share your customer information across your business with designated co-workers (for example, the business owner, another sales person, the administrative assistant, or a customer service person)
  Provides managers with a comprehensive view of customer information and sales opportunities across the company and assists co-workers to fill in for each other
  Help your sales leads easily see who is working on what and what stage in the sales process each account is in

Email Campaign Management

  Compose HTML emails and send them to selected records from within The CRM software
  Any email campaigns sent are automatically assigned to the account record, enabling you to track each customer's exposure to your different communications and campaigns over time

Accounting and ERP software Features

  Full accounting (general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, bank reconciliation)
  Fully integrated CRM (incidents, to-do list, address book, opportunities, projects, vendors)
  Superior inventory control for manufacturers, distributors, professional services
  Rich REST API built with PostgreSQL database views, encapsulates all business logic and data integrity
  Fully integrated OpenRPT report writer to customize reports, Qt Designer to customize screens
  Mobile Web application, fully integrated with classic Desktop client to manage business and enrich customer and prospect relationships from tablets or smartphones
  Fully integrated, turnkey eCommerce and ERP system empowers any organization to manage complexities of online business, while using data generated to enhance customer service, cross-sell products and drive more sales

Human Resources Management software

The HR management system offers a wealth of modules to suit the needs of your business. This widely-used system is feature-rich, intuitive and provides an essential HR management platform.

Modules available include:

System Administration

The System Administration module offers centralized control to your HR Manager or other personnel to carry out basic HR functions. Define your organizational structure or your pay scale with this module. Work in a secure environment to manage core information and business projects or address security issues such as user rights and permissions.

Personnel Information Management (PIM)

As a centralized employee database, the Personal Information Management (PIM) gives you the capability to easily and productively store and utilize all aspects of your employee information.

Leave /Time off Management

Using web-enabled and self-service concepts, management of vacation and leave requests was never easier. This integrated module enables online processing of requests and approval for leave and vacation time. Significantly streamline all your leave-related procedures‚ eliminate paperwork and reduce scheduling hassles with this module.

Time & Attendance Management

Eliminate paperwork and manual management of attendance and project timekeeping with this sophisticated HR module. The Time and Attendance Management module automates your timekeeping-related processes while minimizing attendance policy errors. Enhance organizational performance and keep your labor and workforce data effectively organized.


The Recruitment module gives HR professionals a comprehensive solution for the entire recruitment cycle. Effectively streamline your applicant tracking process from job vacancy to hire.


Assessment of job performance and communication of critical business expectations is essential for any business. The Performance module simplifies this vital process through creation of employment reviews and self- assessments.

Employee Self Service

Employee self service (ESS) is a powerful module that provides employees access to pertinent information through a web-enabled PC without involving HR staff. Subject to your information and security policies, employees can view and update personal information, providing tremendous time and cost savings. The functionality of this module spans the entire system‚ making information available anywhere‚ anytime.


The Dashboard module integrates information from multiple modules into a unified display. The module gives you a clean, user-friendly interface with real-time trend graphs, lists of pending HR tasks, quick launch panel and reporting.

System Integration

System integration is defined as the process of bringing together the component subsystems into one system and ensuring that the subsystems function together as a system. In information technology, systems integration is the process of linking together different computing systems and software applications physically or functionally, to act as a coordinated whole.

DCS as a system integrator brings together discrete systems utilizing a variety of techniques such as computer networking, enterprise application integration, business process management or manual programming.

You can select which information needs to be automatically copied between these software. Our company shall integrate any of the software in any which you need as far as possible with all the technology available.

If you would like us to analyze your business and do systems analysis so we can understand your needs better.

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