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Tech Support Rates

SUPPORT is a trademark of ATRC

Types of support available

Self-support Standard Premium
Access to our products Yes Yes Yes
Access to our knowledgebase and tools in our customer portal Yes Yes Yes
Access to support engineers during standard business hours No Yes Yes
Access to support engineers 24×7 for high-severity issues No No Yes

At the Applied Technology Research Center and Muftasoft, we offer specialized support options customized to meet the unique requirements of organizations in various industries and of all sizes. Our Enhanced Solution Support service is designed to minimize downtime and enhance confidence by providing access to senior-level engineers, along with resolution and restoration Service Level Agreements (SLAs). This support is instrumental in ensuring the continuous operation of your systems as you innovate, scale, and deploy solutions. Our team of expert engineers is well-versed in your specific environment, which allows them to quickly restore operations and identify root causes, helping to prevent future recurrences. They are readily available to assist with critical issues in your production environments, ensuring that you can consistently deliver the technology and services demanded by your clients. The Enhanced Solution Support offering is available for customers using Applied Technology Research Center's and Muftasoft's proprietary solutions.

Rates updated 3 November 2023

Engineer Level Years of experience USD Per hour USD Per visit in the city Minimum charge per incident (remote) USD Per day in another city Minimum days for another city
1 <2 75 10 15 Minutes 30 1
2 >2 100 20 30 Minutes 45 1
3 >5 150 30 30 Minutes 60 1
4 >10 240 40 1 hour 80 1
Number of hours per month Discount percentage
10 5
25 10
35 15
50 20
75 25
100 30
125 35
150 40
175 45
200 50

Save 20% by paying in LTC

Existing customers can avail special discounts

Rates for projects and tasks can be estimated and provided in some cases.

For larger projects, the task of making an estimate of resources required to complete the project is in itself a paid task so a feasibility study and estimate shall be done before the quote for the project.

A large project is one where the estimated working time is more than 100 hours.

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