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Special Crowd Funding Offer December 2023

For crowd funders.

Total shares of Heavy Data Backup currently : 1 Billion.

Total shares available for investors : 5% = 50 Million shares.

5% shares available for 2000 LTC.

Each LTC shall get 50M shares / 2000 LTC = 25,000 shares per LTC.

Each LTC is about USD 67 so each USD shall get about 300 shares.

Each PKR shall get about 1 share.

ROI for investors is based on the following formula :

6 percent per year deferred cumulative. Linear not compounded.

Extra returns over the 6% are split 75% for the general partner and 25% for the investors.

No management fee for the general partner. The general partner gets 75% of any gains beyond a cumulative 6%.

The general partner is ATRC which is currently the 100% share holder.

Heavy Data Backup Pitch Deck (PDF)

Heavy Data Backup Pitch Deck (ODP)

Expression of interest form

Expression of interest form (Chinese) 意向书表格

Features of the business :

Tried and tested with existing customers.

Unique selling point : Extra needed services for customers.

The funding is needed for :

Expansion to get more customers.

Development of more value added services.

Funding pitch video

This is an investment opportunity. Business loans shall be considered after the private equity round.

The working for equity opportunity is available here.

Service Brochure

Backup system for the entire enterprise

The following roles need people for the heavy data backup service.

Contact Information

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