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What is included in the ATRC server support


Installation of any ATRC Supported distribution

Compatibility with client hardware.

Hardware Configuration

Recommendations for replacing hardware to meet compatibility requirements.

Supply of compatible hardware based on customer's requirements.

Buying from ATRC is an option. Not a support requirement.

Configuration of all compatible drivers.

Installation of all packages which are in the distribution.

Support for softwares not included in the distribution is charged separately.

Hard Drive Partitioning

Recommending a partition configuration based on usage Configuring hard drive partition tables

Creation of file systems and formatting

Configuration of Linux in a Multi-Boot environment

Configuration of the boot-loader for multiple operating systems

This support does not cover configuration of other operating systems than the linux distribution being installed by ATRC.

ATRC does not guarantee the operation of other operating systems.

Cost of installation of other operating systems is charged separately depending on the Operating systems selected.

Not all combinations are supportable.

All data needs to be backed prior to ATRC installing the multi boot system, because the modification of partition tables can cause a need to reinstall the whole harddisk.

Backing up the data is not included in this support contract.

The support contract covers this as a one time installation.

In case of a server crash, the cost of installing the Linux partitions is included but the other operating systems are charged separately.

Configuring a local printer

Configuring a Windows Printer

Configuring a remote unix printer

Changing print options

Troubleshooting Printer problems

Making a local printer accessible on a network

Printing to a network printer

ATRC Technical Support

Backing up client configurations to ATRC

Proving updates for installed softwares

Xwindows Configuration

Local X windows configuration

Gnome and KDE window managers are supported.

Customization of menus and support for other window managers is charged separately.

Open Source software debugging

For all Open Source softwares installed by ATRC

Initial assessment of the nature of a problem that may be a defect or bug

Replicating problems which may be a defect or bug

Informing open source developers of discovered problems.

Assistance with working around discovered bugs until a fix is available

Installing the fixes as soon they become available.

Bash Scripting

Advice on the creation and applicability of a bash script for a specific system administration issue

Assistance with designing a bash script with the intent of automating an administration process.

Assistance with troubleshooting a bash script in order to correct a specific defect

Assistance with the customization of the system initialization scripts to modify startup sequence order, add/remove services, or enable custom settings at boot time Troubleshooting of specific customized system initialization issues

This support is designed to assist a system administrator with designing and writing a Bash script.

The Bash script needs to be written by the System Administrator.

Development of customized Bash scripts is charged separately.

FTP Server

Setting up an FTP server

Configuring the security policy for a ftp server

Setting up FTP user access

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