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Open Computer Driving License TM

OCDL Course ( PDF )

OCDL Course ( ODT )

Why certify with OCDL?

OCDL is based on the best software applications and methods available in the world.

We select softwares which have been tried and tested over at least 20 years and have shown to be reliable and secure.

OCDL modules are developed with input from computer users, subject matter experts, and practising professionals from all over the world.

The regularly updated syllabus content reflects day-to-day tasks and responsibilities typical of job roles.

OCDL modules focus on skills acquisition as well as an understanding of concepts.

OCDL syllabus content is vendor-independent so that skills and knowledge are transferable.

OCDL has rigorous Quality Assurance Standards (QAS) and regular quality audits are conducted internally and externally.

OCDL was created by ATRC in 2015 and is the first global vendor neutral curriculum with a preference for FOSS and also includes shareware and commercial softwares to allow support for best of breed computing methods.

By : Applied Technology Research Center

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