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Libreoffice Calc Assessment 1

The assessment includes the following topics :

1. Basic Functions:
   - Understanding and using basic mathematical functions (e.g., SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX)
   - Working with logical functions (e.g., IF, AND, OR)
   - Using date and time functions

2. Formulas and Cell Referencing:
   - Creating and editing formulas
   - Absolute and relative cell referencing
   - Working with range names
   - Defining a range name 
   - Defining the scope of a range name 
   - Modifying/deleting the range name

3. Data Organization and Manipulation:
   - Sorting and filtering data
   - Using data validation and conditional formatting
   - Utilizing data grouping and outlining

4. Data Analysis and Visualization:
   - Creating charts (e.g., bar, line, pie charts)
   - Adding titles, labels, and legends to charts
   - Applying chart formatting and customization
   - Data Types 
   - XY axis 
   - Object properties

5. Data Import and Export:
   - Importing data from external sources (e.g., CSV, text files)
   - Exporting data to different file formats (e.g., PDF, Excel)
   - Data Validity
   - Specifying a valid range of values for a cell 
   - Specifying a list of valid values for a cell 
   - Specifying custom validity based on formula for a cell

6. Advanced Functions and Features:
   - Using lookup and reference functions (e.g., VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP)
   - Working with array formulas
   - Utilizing conditional functions (e.g., SUMIF, COUNTIF)

7. Data Analysis Tools:
   - Using goal seek and solver for optimization
   - Performing data analysis with pivot tables
   - Applying filters and creating subsets of data
   - Sorting and filtering
   - Sorting lists 
   - Sorting data according to color 
   - Different option of Sort 
   - Using multiple-level sorting 
   - Using custom sorting 
   - Using simple Filter 
   - Working with top/bottom records 
   - Working with date filter 
   - Using wild card in filter 
   - Working with text filter 
   - Understanding advance filter 
   - Copying filter data into different location using
   - Extract unique record only

8. Collaboration and Data Protection:
   - Protecting sheets and workbooks with passwords
   - Sharing and collaborating on spreadsheets
   - Tracking changes and managing comments

9. Automation and Macros:
   - Recording and running macros
   - Creating custom functions with macros
   - Applying automation techniques to increase productivity

10. Advanced Formatting and Page Layout:
    - Formatting cells (e.g., number formatting, alignment)
    - Working with styles and templates
    - Setting up page layout for printing

11. Working with Reports
    - Creating subtotals 
    - Multiple-level subtotals 
    - Creating Pivot Table 
    - Formatting and customizing Pivot Table 
    - Using advanced options of Pivot Table 
    - Pivot charts 
    - Using data consolidation feature to consolidate data

This assessment covers a range of essential skills and concepts in LibreOffice Calc. It evaluates the understanding, application, and efficiency in using these features within the software. Assessments include practical exercises, projects, or tests that require participants to demonstrate their ability to perform tasks related to these topics.

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