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Libreoffice Base Assessment 1

1. Database Design:
   - Understanding database concepts (tables, fields, relationships)
   - Creating a new database
   - Defining table structures (field types, primary keys, relationships)
   - Importing and exporting data

2. Data Entry and Manipulation:
   - Creating forms for data entry
   - Adding controls and widgets to forms (text boxes, checkboxes, drop-down lists)
   - Setting validation rules and input masks
   - Implementing data entry and editing through forms

3. Querying and Filtering Data:
   - Creating and running queries to extract specific information from databases
   - Using criteria to filter query results
   - Performing calculations and aggregations in queries
   - Creating complex queries with multiple tables and joins

4. Report Generation:
   - Designing and customizing reports
   - Adding fields, labels, and images to reports
   - Formatting report elements (font styles, colors, alignments)
   - Grouping and sorting data in reports

5. Form Automation:
   - Adding macros and events to automate form actions
   - Creating buttons and triggers for macro execution
   - Implementing form navigation and validation using macros
   - Building dynamic forms with conditional visibility and behavior

6. Advanced Database Management:
   - Creating and managing database relationships (one-to-one, one-to-many)
   - Setting up referential integrity and cascading updates/deletes
   - Creating indexes for improved performance
   - Implementing security measures (user permissions, password protection)

7. Integration and Connectivity:
   - Linking external data sources to Base (ODBC, JDBC, MySQL, etc.)
   - Importing and exporting data between Base and other formats (CSV, Excel)
   - Connecting Base with other LibreOffice applications (Writer, Calc)
   - Integrating Base with external databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)

8. Troubleshooting and Maintenance:
   - Resolving common errors and issues in Base
   - Optimizing database performance
   - Backing up and restoring databases
   - Handling data integrity problems and conflicts

This assessment evaluate a student's practical skills by assigning tasks that involve creating databases, designing forms and reports, executing queries, and performing data manipulation operations. The assessment includes hands-on exercises, practical projects, and theoretical questions to gauge the overall understanding and proficiency in LibreOffice Base.

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