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The bitcoin course

Training Course

by The Training Company

Available as a corporate in house course.

Bitcoin course version 2. Updated from the first offering of this course on 14 Dec 2013.

Brought to you by The Training Company.

Topics to be covered :

What is the Bitcoin?

How to Acquire Bitcoins and Spend Them

How to protect bitcoins from being stolen or misused. The Bitcoin Economy

The Future of the Bitcoin

Virtual Currencies: A Case Study of Bitcoin

Bitcoin: Setting Up and Using a Wallet

Multi-Factor Authentication

Current Trends in Bitcoin

Protecting Files Through Encryption

Backing Up and Restoring a Wallet

Going Mobile

Merchant Services with Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin Mining How bitcoin mining is done. Bitcoin Mining: Miner’s Perspective

Transaction Records

Transaction Block Chains

The Money Supply

Bitcoin Anonymity

Bitcoin History

Miner Strategy

Resource person : Mr. Khawar Nehal

Mr. Khawar has developed billing systems for ISP and telecom with radically new payment methods since the 1990s. He has a deep understanding of economics related to the digital economy and how it can evolve to affect the future trends. Bitcoin is a new currency which was noticed by us as a potentially disruptive technology which was not to be taken lightly soon after it was created. When the price was around 4 dollars, we predicted that it would be almost impossible to stop the trend. Since then the valuation has gone beyond 10000$ and is fluctuating. What we shall be teaching is the technical reasons which keep the currency value high and fundamentals for why it has a future.

If you would like to learn more about this digital currency, then register for this first of its kind course in the middle east and learn from those who can simplify the values and economics of this subject which is likely give banking services serious competition if not embraced soon and correctly.

For registration and details please email to

For queries please call 92 331 2036 422

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