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Pricing Model for Dubai Computer Services:

1. Hardware Support:

Basic Package:

Monthly fee covering routine maintenance, troubleshooting, and remote support.

Additional charges for on-site support and hardware upgrades.

Advanced Package:

Comprehensive hardware support including on-site visits, upgrades, and priority response.

Customized pricing based on the scale and complexity of the hardware infrastructure.

2. Software Support:

Standard Package:

Monthly fee for software installation, configuration, and remote assistance.

Additional charges for specialized software support.

Premium Package:

Inclusive of advanced software support, regular updates, and license management.

Customized pricing for businesses with specific software needs.

3. IT Consulting:

Hourly Consulting Fee:

Hourly rate for strategic IT planning, technology assessments, and advisory services.

Discounted rates for larger consulting projects or retainer agreements.

Project-Based Consulting:

Fixed fee for comprehensive IT consulting projects aligned with client objectives.

Customized pricing based on the scope and complexity of the project.

4. Network Setup and Management:

Network Design Package:

One-time fee for the design and implementation of secure and efficient network infrastructures.

Additional charges for ongoing network maintenance and optimization.

Monthly Network Maintenance:

Subscription fee for continuous network monitoring, troubleshooting, and performance optimization.

Customized pricing based on the size and complexity of the network.

5. Cybersecurity Services:

Cybersecurity Assessment:

Fixed fee for vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.

Additional charges for ongoing cybersecurity monitoring and incident response.

Monthly Security Package:

Subscription fee covering regular security updates, threat intelligence, and proactive defense measures.

Customized pricing based on the level of security required.

6. Cloud Computing Solutions:

Cloud Migration Package:

One-time fee for the migration of systems and data to cloud platforms.

Monthly subscription fee based on the scale of cloud infrastructure usage and support.

Monthly Cloud Services:

Subscription fee covering ongoing cloud management, updates, and technical support.

Customized pricing based on resource usage and client requirements.

7. Data Backup and Recovery:

Backup Setup Fee:

One-time fee for the design and implementation of backup solutions.

Monthly subscription fee for regular data backups, monitoring, and recovery testing.

Monthly Backup Service:

Subscription fee based on the volume of data backed up and the required level of recovery support.

Customized pricing for specialized backup needs.

8. Managed IT Services:

Basic Managed Services:

Monthly subscription fee for remote monitoring, maintenance, and helpdesk support.

Additional charges for on-site support, extended service hours, and priority response.

Advanced Managed Services:

Comprehensive subscription covering all aspects of IT management, including security and performance optimization.

Customized pricing based on the size and complexity of the IT infrastructure.

Promotional Pricing Strategies:

1. Bundle Packages:

Integrated Services:

Offer discounted rates for clients who choose bundled packages combining hardware support, software solutions, and IT consulting.

2. New Client Discounts:

Promotional Offer:

Provide special pricing or introductory discounts for new clients signing up for [Your Company Name]'s services.

3. Referral Rewards:

Referral Discounts:

Offer discounts to existing clients who refer new business to [Your Company Name].

4. Seasonal Promotions:

Year-End Maintenance Packages:

Introduce discounted year-end maintenance packages to encourage clients to prepare their IT infrastructure for the upcoming year.

5. Educational Pricing:

Workshop Participants:

Provide special pricing or exclusive offers to businesses that participate in [Your Company Name]'s educational workshops or webinars.

6. Customer Loyalty Programs:

Rewards for Retention:

Introduce loyalty programs offering discounts or additional services for clients who commit to long-term partnerships.

Provide incentives for long-term contracts or renewals.


This pricing model ensures transparency and flexibility for clients in Dubai, allowing them to choose services based on their specific needs and budgets. The promotional pricing strategies aim to attract new clients, encourage referrals, and foster long-term partnerships. Dubai Computer Services is committed to providing value-driven services with customized pricing structures to meet the diverse requirements of businesses in the dynamic Dubai market.

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