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### Human Resources Structure for [Your Company Name] - Dubai Computer Services

#### Leadership Team:

1. Founder and CEO:

  1. *Responsibilities:*
    1. Overall strategic direction and leadership.
    2. Business development and key partnerships.
    3. Stakeholder relations and corporate decision-making.
  2. *Expertise:*
    1. Extensive experience in the technology industry.
    2. Strong leadership and strategic planning skills.
    3. In-depth knowledge of the Dubai business landscape.

2. Chief Technology Officer (CTO):

  1. *Responsibilities:*
    1. Technology strategy and innovation.
    2. Overseeing the development and deployment of technical solutions.
    3. Ensuring the alignment of technology with business goals.
  2. *Expertise:*
    1. Comprehensive knowledge of emerging technologies.
    2. Proven experience in overseeing complex technical projects.
    3. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

#### Technical Team:

3. IT Operations Manager:

  1. *Responsibilities:*
    1. Day-to-day IT operations and infrastructure management.
    2. Ensuring system availability and reliability.
    3. Managing the IT support team.
  2. *Expertise:*
    1. ITIL certification and experience.
    2. Strong understanding of IT infrastructure.
    3. Proven leadership in IT operations.

4. Software Development Team:

  1. *Roles:*
    1. Software Developers (Frontend, Backend).
    2. QA Engineers.
    3. DevOps Engineers.
  2. *Responsibilities:*
    1. Designing, coding, testing, and deploying software solutions.
    2. Ensuring high-quality development and efficient deployment processes.
  3. *Expertise:*
    1. Proficiency in relevant programming languages and frameworks.
    2. Experience with CI/CD and DevOps practices.
    3. Strong problem-solving and collaboration skills.

#### Client Services Team:

5. Client Relationship Manager:

  1. *Responsibilities:*
    1. Building and maintaining client relationships.
    2. Understanding client needs and ensuring satisfaction.
    3. Facilitating communication between clients and technical teams.
  2. *Expertise:*
    1. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
    2. Proven experience in client-facing roles.
    3. Understanding of technology and client service.

6. Technical Support Specialists:

  1. *Responsibilities:*
    1. Providing technical support to clients.
    2. Troubleshooting and resolving technical issues.
    3. Collaborating with development teams for issue resolution.
  2. *Expertise:*
    1. Strong technical skills and knowledge.
    2. Customer service orientation.
    3. Problem-solving under pressure.

#### Sales and Marketing Team:

7. Sales Manager:

  1. *Responsibilities:*
    1. Developing and implementing sales strategies.
    2. Managing the sales team and setting targets.
    3. Building relationships with potential clients.
  2. *Expertise:*
    1. Proven experience in sales leadership.
    2. Understanding of the Dubai market.
    3. Strong negotiation and closing skills.

8. Marketing Specialist:

  1. *Responsibilities:*
    1. Developing and executing marketing campaigns.
    2. Online and offline marketing strategies.
    3. Branding and market positioning.
  2. *Expertise:*
    1. Digital marketing skills.
    2. Content creation and storytelling.
    3. Analytics and campaign measurement.

#### Human Resources and Administration:

9. HR Manager:

  1. *Responsibilities:*
    1. Recruitment and talent acquisition.
    2. Employee relations and performance management.
    3. HR policy development and implementation.
  2. *Expertise:*
    1. Extensive HR experience.
    2. Knowledge of local labor laws.
    3. Strong interpersonal and organizational skills.

10. Administrative Staff:

  1. *Roles:*
    1. Administrative Assistants.
    2. Office Managers.
    3. Receptionists.
  2. *Responsibilities:*
    1. General office administration and support.
    2. Facilities management.
    3. Coordination of day-to-day operations.

#### Hiring Plans:

- Immediate Hiring Needs:

  1. Recruiting additional software developers to meet project demands.
  2. Expanding the technical support team to enhance client service capabilities.

- Future Growth:

  1. Scaling the sales and marketing team to explore new market opportunities.
  2. Adding specialists in emerging technologies for innovation and R&D.

#### Team Development and Training:

- Ongoing Training Programs:

  1. Continuous training on the latest technologies and industry best practices.
  2. Professional development opportunities for skill enhancement.

- Team Building Initiatives:

  1. Regular team-building activities to foster a collaborative and positive work culture.
  2. Encouraging a learning mindset and knowledge sharing among team members.

### Conclusion:

[Your Company Name] aims to build a dynamic and skilled team capable of delivering top-notch computer services in Dubai. By combining technical expertise, client-focused roles, and strong leadership, the company seeks to create a workplace that fosters innovation, growth, and excellence in service delivery. Regular training, team-building initiatives, and strategic hiring will be instrumental in achieving these goals.

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