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Muftasoft Partnerships

Benefit along with existing partners from the growing demand for standardized Linux solutions and the advantages of a Muftasoft partnership.

  • High demand for standardized Open Source products from many industries.
  • Increasing international awareness of the Muftasoft brand
  • High level of customer satisfaction through an innovative and reliable product
  • Resulting in a renewal rate highly above the industry’s average
  • Cost-efficient alternative to server solutions from commercial suppliers with licensing payments.
  • Choice of many very useful products.
  • Growing network of technology partners
  • Many ways to cooperate in terms of events and exhibitions

Muftasoft partner models

Market your company as an authorized Muftasoft reseller, become qualified as a Muftasoft partner, and position your company as a Muftasoft premium partner. Please do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information on a potential partnership.

Muftasoft Partner programs

Muftasoft Reseller

Muftasoft resellers are authorized contact partners for the sale of the Muftasoft product portfolio and consult companies during their purchase of Muftasoft products.

Muftasoft Partner

Muftasoft partners have experience with the implementation and support of Muftasoft supported products in different IT environments.

Muftasoft Premium Partner

Muftasoft premium partners are the most competent contact partners for all aspects of the Muftasoft product portfolio. They work in close cooperation with Muftasoft during the realization of projects. In addition, Muftasoft premium partners also have considerable experience in the implementation and ongoing maintenance of existing installations.

Contact Information

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