Manhole Covers. Time to get serious.

By : Khawar Nehal

Dated : 10 February 2019

Updated : 25 February 2019

I shall not discuss two things. The dangers of missing man hole covers and second that it is a global phenomenon. We already know that.

I have been wanting to solve this issue for more than a decade and finally got down to it.

What I am going to discuss is what Karachi should do about it.

1. Very large fines for being caught with clear evidence of stealing. 2 Months in Jail and up to a million rupee fine depending on the situation. Minimum is 2 months in Jail. In case it is a drug addict, then the 2 months shall help reduce the addiction.

2. Rewards for information which leads to the catching of thieves red handed.

3. Cameras for evidence gathering. Homes, offices, shops, factories and all others are requested to help the cause and turn their cameras so they can see man hole covers in their view.

4. Other material covers if possible. Thicker plastic and more durable man hole covers need to be developed which can resist the load of the trucks and other heavy vehicles. Main issue is that any material has value and the iron or steel option which is the better material for the job needs to be used and checked for thieves. Having dome shaped cement covers which cannot fit a man in the man hole are not acceptable. That IS THE ISSUE.

5. Scrap metal dealers found with stolen covers shall be fined with at least 6 months in Jail and a fine of up to 10 million rupees depending on the situation. It is not like they do not know it was stolen.

If you have ideas on how to solve this issue, please send them to so I can add to this list.


Khawar Nehal

Applied Technology Research Center