VOIP Services for Businesses

Quality business VoIP providers today offer a wide variety of feature packages, services and prices. Selecting the ideal provider and service options will depend on your type and size of business, features needed and projected volume of usage. These metrics determine if your better off paying per minute, per user, per line, or per feature. Before offering you VoIP services, it is essential to first determine your company’s precise telecommunications needs. A current phone bill or CDR record is a great place to find the information you need to compare providers.

Basic services include quantity of phone numbers, toll free numbers, user extensions, lines, calling usage for local, long distance and Toll free calls as well as and special feature to enable timely and cost-efficient initiation of your service. By consulting with our Voice over IP service team and seeking their expert advice in advance, you can be prepared to take the following steps to facilitate the smooth, productive startup of your services:

Important Information to Request from Any Potential VoIP Provider

Our services contracts include all service information and practices in writing. Including all details of startup costs and monthly fees, any limitations and costs on portable phone numbers and exactly which features are included in the service package you select. If international calling is included, charges for adding extra features and the extent of customer care and technical services provided. Any details like whether your service includes a money back guarantee or not and if there are any cancellation fees. There are no hidden fees.

Have Full Control and Advantage of Your VoIP System as an option.

Once your new business VoIP system and service are in place, you and your staff members can have full-control capabilities for use of your business communications system. We can ensure connection with our online portals for customizing your telecom options. These modern digital portals are user-friendly, enabling feature changes and additions to be made for immediate availability. You and your staff can make decisions and changes in real-time that work for you right in the moment.

You can manage your call settings remotely, directing calls to voicemail or having them transferred to another number or extension. You can also make exceptions to any chosen setting in your phone system. For example, if you are expecting an important business call and want to take that call, but hold all other calls for a few hours, you can set your phone to direct only the designated call to ring on your extension. This system allows and encourages you to take complete control of your telecommunications systems and settings so that the service works for your best interests and immediate needs at all times.

Major Business Benefits and Advantages of Installing our VoIP systems.

With an excellent quality VoIP system installed and running well in your company offices to provide remote access for you and your employees, you can work much more efficiently, achieving more in less time. You will enjoy the many benefits of knowing that you can leave the responsibility of your advanced office telecommunications system operations to your VoIP provider while you handle other important business matters. Other major benefits and advantages of your new business VoIP system enable you to accomplish the following:

Premium VoIP Features for Advanced Business Calling

Along with the many standardized options available for use with your VoIP business system, you also have use of premium options. Some features include the following:

Especially when away from the office, these useful features can aid employees in placing, receiving and managing business phone calls:

By carefully examining the many different updated features, functions, service options, latest technology and equipment available, you can best determine the ideal system and service plan for you and your company.

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