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ScrutinizerTM Network IP Security Camera systems utilize an existing computer network infrastructure to provide secure video surveillance that is accessible from anywhere in the world via a secure Internet connection. scrutinizer Security Cameras offers a wide selection of name-brand network IP security camera systems that feature high definition resolution, and are fully customizable for your application. Our team of network IP security experts will configure a video surveillance system to your precise needs, to ensure that your network IP security camera system provides you with the most advanced and best possible IP video surveillance solution.

IP Security Camera systems are quickly becoming a large part of the Video Surveillance industry. Network IP Security Cameras and NVR (Network Video Recorders) allow for versatile installation via features like our proprietary No Wires At All installation (NWAA), Power over Ethernet PoE for single cable installs to cameras, Integration with existing CCTV systems for flexible expansion. The recorders being completely Network based allow on site, off site, or even multi site video recording. Network IP Security Camera systems further feature advanced qualities like high definition resolution imagery, advanced analytics like motion detection, powerful remote viewing from anywhere in the world and monitoring capabilities.

Scrutinizer Security Cameras offers a wide range of the Video Security Cameras, IP Video Surveillance Software, NVR (Network video recorders) and other IP Network Devices such as encoders and Decoders. The Network IP Security camera System Packages represent a wide array of available options scrutinizer Security Cameras can provide for you. Further each of our IP Camera systems is customizable to your application and we highly recommend working with our experts to ensure your IP Security camera System provides the best possible IP Video Surveillance Solution!

Package 1 : IP Cameras on WIFI, WIMAX, 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G Internet, power via adapters.

Addons :

Server on Local WIFI LAN for recording.

Server on Remote site for recording.

Elimination of power wires for a completely wireless solution.

Multiplexers for multiple cameras on a single screen.

DSL Connection on wire for WLAN.

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