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Solar Panel Grading Standards

  متبادل توانائی کیا ہے  اور  ہم کیا کرتے ہیں / What is alternative energy and what we do.

Net metering Policy in Pakistan

Solar photo voltaic based electricity generation cost in Karachi.
Calculation based on January 2017 prices.

Solar energy price generation cost karachi
                      pakistan 2017

Get a minimum of 75% discount over the price of diesel water pump operations via our solar pumping solution.

Optimized energy generation and project implementation services.


Home Solar Installation Service (PDF)


Home Solar Starter System Hybrid June 2017 Version

Home Solar Starter System Offgrid June 2017 Version

Run your air Conditioner on Solar Power 24x7 and save your money

Small Scale Home Solar System (PDF)

Tawanai Battery Modules for Solar Applications

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0 to 50 year warranties available on solar power systems and parts

 DC Circuit Breakers for Solar Power Applications

Whole sale offer prices for solar panels 4 June 2017

Wire for solar panel installations (PDF)

Solar Panel Connectors MC4 (PDF)