Project based internships for experience.

Our companies offer an excellent opportunity to gain experience via internships.
When you think of an internship, you might think of a small scale responsibility to almost zero responsibility.
Our companies are almost the opposite. We empower our internees to take on projects. We have experience in developing, selling and supporting products and services which are beneficial to our customers.
We want to share our experience with you. Most of the applicants are not able to meet the demanding requirements of our internship mainly because they are not ready to take on serious projects.
To put it simply, think of it as a business instead of a job. You shall be part of a project.
Many applicants think we are going to ask them to come to an interview, then tell them to take a seat at a desk and assign them something to do in our office. If you are looking for such an internship, then ours is not the one for you.
We expect our internees to be active and dealing with the actual customer or collaborating with us on the project.
You do not have to be located in a city or country in which we have a presence. We can collaborate and coordinate international projects with ease. So if you want experience, you are welcome to apply from any where you are located.
We shall be spending more time depending on how serious you are at the work you do and how willing you are to do projects with us.
As we progress, we shall sign contracts related to one or more projects and integrate you into our proprietary project management systems.
Compensations shall be based on the project. There is no fixed salary to negotiate. So if you are looking for a fixed salary job, please do not apply for this project based internship.

Our companies focus on the fields of energy, automation, training, examinations, consultancy and support which is beneficial in improving profits and revenues by improving the systems which are used by our clients. We offer expert advice, independent consulting, professional services and support for projects related to Information Technology and Communications and Energy within and outside the organization.

Our key objectives are promoting good ICT management, reducing the causes of waste or resources, which lead to missed business opportunities, and helping to improve the delivery of services to the customers. We draw on substantial international experience in designing, implementing and monitoring these projects. Development occurs on many platforms in a variety of languages, databases and frameworks. Product and service procurement consulting (specifications, configurations, evaluations, installations, upgrades, and sales) is also provided. Our specializations are secure and reliable computing solutions.

MISSION: Our Mission is to provide products and services related to energy and computers which are the best in security and reliability.
VISION: Our vision is to be the first choice for customers in secure and reliable energy and computing solutions in UAE and Pakistan.

Job Specification

Internee skills preferred : Be able to read this and place the following line in bold into their cover letter.

Yes I did read the job description and I am serious about getting experience.

This provides us an easy check on whether you can even understand basic instructions and gives us a glimpse into your attitude towards work and life in general.

Please answer these questions in your application as a part of the cover letter.

Applications without a cover letter and without answers are most likely going to be rejected without consideration due to the large number of responses.

What makes you interested in this job ?

If you are doing this for experience, what kind of experience are you interested in gaining ?

Define what you think you need to accomplish in life to be considered successful in your own opinion.

Do you have any questions about this internship ?

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