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Project based internship for experience and work opportunities.

Our companies offer an excellent opportunity to gain experience via internships.
When you think of an internship, you might think of a small scale responsibility to almost zero responsibility.
Our companies are almost the opposite. We empower our internees to take on projects. We have experience in developing, selling and supporting products and services which are beneficial to our customers.
We want to share our experience with you. Most of the applicants are not able to meet the demanding requirements of our internship mainly because they are not ready to take on serious projects.
To put it simply, think of it as a business instead of a job. You shall be part of a project. The projects are not like university projects where you have to come up with the requirements of what is to be done. These projects are real world projects for actual paying customers. The deliverables are based on the market requirements and customer expectations.
Most companies are not willing to let new less experienced workers work on actual projects for their existing and potential customers.
We have experience of managing thousands of university final projects so we have systems which allow the combination of market based work and allows new less experienced people work on them. We have systems in place to meet commitments and deliver.
Due to the demanding requirements, our selection process is very strict and highly selective.
We expect our internees to be active and dealing with the actual customer or collaborating with us on the project.
You do not have to be located in a city or country in which we have a presence. However if you are in a city where we have a presence or partners who we are collaborating with, then it can make it easier to get projects and work on them.
We are willing to remotely take on projects in cities in which we do not have a presence but that shall entail more seriousness on the part of the internee along with a lot more responsibilities. 

So if you want experience, you are welcome to apply from any where you are located.

We shall be spending more time guiding serious projects which is based on how serious you are at the work you do and how willing you are to do projects with us.

As we progress, we shall could sign longer term contracts related to one or more projects and integrate you into our proprietary project management systems.

Compensations are based on the project. There is no fixed salary to negotiate. So if you are looking for a fixed salary job, please do not apply and expect to discuss job opportunities.

Our companies focus on the fields of energy, automation, training, examinations, consultancy and support which is beneficial in improving profits and revenues by improving the systems which are used by our clients. We offer expert advice, independent consulting, professional services and support for projects related to Information Technology and Communications and Energy within and outside the organization.

Our key objectives are promoting good ICT management, reducing the causes of waste or resources, which lead to missed business opportunities, and helping to improve the delivery of services to the customers. We draw on substantial international experience in designing, implementing and monitoring these projects. Development occurs on many platforms in a variety of languages, databases and frameworks. Product and service procurement consulting (specifications, configurations, evaluations, installations, upgrades, and sales) is also provided. Our specializations are secure and reliable computing solutions.

MISSION: Our Mission is to provide products and services related to energy and computers which are the best in security and reliability.
VISION: Our vision is to be the first choice for customers in secure and reliable energy and computing solutions.

Please answer these questions in your application as a part of the cover letter.

What makes you interested in this opportunity ?

If you are doing this for experience, what kind of experience are you interested in gaining ?

How much time do you have available to work on projects ?

What is your location ? City and country.

Do you have any questions about this internship ?

Send applications for internships for experience to

Please place in the subject line : "Internship / atrc web site / (Your full name)"

Frequently asked questions(FAQs) about our internship program.

Is the work done remotely or at an office of the company ?
First of all, we have an office. However we do not use the office for placing internees for work. The office is used for meetings to discuss projects when necessary.
Sometimes we use it for delivery of courses. The work to be done on projects is mostly of two types. Development and delivery. Development work usually requires a paper, pen, a computer, an internet connection, reference books, notes from customers and a quiet place to sit to do the work. This is usually at your location and can be anywhere in the world.
Communication for cities not in our office is done via email, skype, postal, phone, whatsapp and other mediums.
For delivery, the location is the customer location. This also can be anywhere in the world. For example, we deliver solar pumps in farms, deliver courses in other countries, and visit customer locations to collect requirements via meetings. We are ready to send people to other countries to delivery projects for our serious customers.

What percentage of the project do I get for working on it ?

We are the most flexible company in terms of compensation as far as we know. You can suggest. If you cannot estimate, then we shall do the estimates of work done. Split according to work done for all participants. If they like it they shall do more. If they do not like it, they always had the opportunity to do 100% for 100% before working on our projects.
For those who do not want to do a lot, they can split the project into many very small parts and let others do most of the other parts. And see how it goes.
If you have an idea, it can be suggested. If we accept then that shall be in the agreement. And that is what shall be paid after the project is delivered and complete.
The projects are done for customers so it is important to do projects for which the customer is happy to for.

When do I get paid ?

After the customer payment and signs off on the project is done.

Is there a contract ?

All agreements are in writing. Based on 2:282.

How do I apply ?

Send an email.

How do I start work ?

You discuss a project and then submit your work. We give more time to those who actually perform over those who keep thinking about how to start.

Can I have a meeting with the people involved ?

We give time to those who perform practically. We can meet everyone, but from our experience, that does not filter those who shall do nothing. Our policy is to meet only those who do and not those who only talk about wanting to do something.

Can I have a meeting with the customer(s) ?

Yes. In fact it is encouraged for those known to be serious internees who show that they can deliver results.

Can I apply and act like I am doing the internship and all the while engage you in useless discussions. Doing nothing for any customer. Getting zero sales and zero work for the any customer. Then after a few months of this ask for an internship letter to add to my resume while requesting to be paid for the useless time wasting I did ?

Of course you can. We have a many applicants who act like they are doing something and are expecting to fool experienced business people into getting something for nothing or trying to act like they know better. Some of our well wishers keep reminding us that we should not waste our time dealing with newbies and our internship program is a waste of time. Since our experience also includes a lot of these actors, we now have a simple solution. When applying for a letter of having completed an internship, we shall be asking for a letter from the participant stating all the details of the work they did, the terms of the agreement and also any compensation if done for the customers complete payment and signed off work.
If nothing was accomplished and they are not due any payment according to the terms, then that shall be clearly mentioned in their letter. This way we shall be comfortable in not having to explain all the terms again later which we spell out clearly in the web page and which are also emailed to all the applicants.

Why do we spend time on this internship program ?

We have more than 30 years of work experience and collaborations with many companies. The reason for running this internship program is not really to get the newbies to deliver something of monetary value, but to help those who are seriously interested in doing something during their life and need a chance to do something. We have experience in managing thousands of final year projects and that is one of the reasons we can connect industry with the theory related University training well. Other companies are not in the position to or have the resources and experience to run such a program.