What are good universities for MS/MS+PhD in Data Science, Machine Learning, or Big Data?

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Maarten Ectors
Maarten Ectors, Disruptive Innovation Enthusiast
Berkeley, Stanford (Andrew Ng) and Toronto University (Geoffrey Hinton - the Neural Networks Back propagation Inventor), New York University (Yann LeCun), university of Manchester (UK) are world leaders.
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Jack Guo
Jack Guo, M.S. Computational Science, Harvard University (2019)

I’m more familiar with the MS side. Here is my list of schools that offer dedicated data science/ML programs:

I have to point out that, if your goal is some career in data science/ML, programs in CS or Statistics could help you achieve this as well. Then your options are much broader - UC Berkeley, MIT, University of Washington, UIUC, etc.

Maged Magdy
Maged Magdy, Started Open Source Data Science for a while now ..

You can check the following link for a full list of Universities programs, Top Schools for Master's Degrees in Data Science. In addition, the blog has very rich information in the field of data science.

If you prefer online learning, I’d recommend you “The Open Source Data Science Curriculum”. It’s very organized, material is very good, and of course for FREE!

Also, you can check this Learning Path for the fields you need to know to get yourself into Data Science.

Good Luck!

For an exhaustive list, please refer to:

Colleges with Data Science Degrees
Tanmoy Ray
Tanmoy Ray, Education Counselor with first-hand study abroad experience

Here is the list of Top Universities for MS in Data Science & Machine Learning: Top Universities for MS in Data Science in USA