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Special VPS server hosting offer February 2022
Linux Wifi Driver Installer by Muftasoft for Tenda USB Wifi

Ecommerce Service Rates

Linux course for IT people

Linux course for non technical people

ATRC Web, Mail, File and Proxy Server

Server Support

Video Conferencing support and training.

Single command no parameters required scanning software for Linux by MuftaSoft.

Software for Linux by ATRC and MuftaSoft

Kanban virtual machine

Support for popular brands

VoIP Services

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM Benefits

Telecoms Related Products and Services

Security Cameras (PDF)

Support for F-Droid      fdroid logo

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services for SMEs

Strategic Information and Communications Technology (ICT) consulting.

Virtualization Xenserver support

Web Development

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency support

Support for turnkey appliances

Support levels defined for products and services

System Integration Services

Heterogeneous Systems Integration(PDF)

Avail free support for free and opensource softwares (FOSS) from Muftasoft (TM).

Lab and Factory integration for Quality control and traceability. Chromatigration TM  By ATRC 

Information Technology and Information Services Department related services.

IT-aSiMilator TM

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM), asset management and mobile device management.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Benefits of POS systems

Point of Sale (POS) with inventory software

WIFI Server

WIFI Server Benefits

Backup Server

Backup Server Benefits

Document Management Server

Document Management Server Benefits

Document Management for Insurance Services