Integration of Heterogeneous Systems

A Muftasoft TM Service

There are many vendors of softwares, systems, hardwares, networks and firewalls.

We have almost 3 decades of experience in integrating hetrogeneous systems. (27+ years).

It can be useful for seamlessly integrating disparate systems.

Example cases where we have some experience include :

Connecting ISO8583 format ATMs to Banking systems.

Gateway for ICL Mainframes (non ASCII and non EBCDIC) to Centronix parallel port printers using ASCII.

Gateways for HTTP, POP, IMAP to provide protection.

Optical one way gap separation for SCADA security of Oil and Gas systems.

Proxy and Reverse Proxy gateways for application level separation.

Maybe the first reverse proxy ever with MIM HTTPS capability in a production environment.

99.99%+ seamless MIM HTTPS Proxy compatible with the latest Firefox browser.

Weak XP based POS protection via transaction gateways.

Offline network batching of transactions for simple transaction based systems.

Development of gateways to avoid slowdown of stock market data to remote client ticker displays.

Drivers for Epson printers for Linux applications in the 1990s.

Drivers support automation for USB modems for 3G in DU’s network for Linux based POS and Inventory systems.

Java based POS program modification and Linux driver support to support non compatible POS receipt printers.

Extreme security and reliable billing architecture design, development and continuous availability of production systems for ISPs and Telecoms.

These are examples of complex and simple cases we have already had experience in and to give an idea of the technical complexity of integration we are willing to do for our customers.

We are not limited to these cases.

With thousands of vendors, and millions of products there are trillions of combinations of integrations possible.

We work with vendors, customers, integration component suppliers and consulting companies to deliver a complete solution which caters to the detailed requirements of the industry and the customer’s strictest demands.

We are willing to take on the challenges to provide secure, reliable and high performance solutions to our customers which deliver a great ROI by sustaining the services which your company provides to customers with minimal down time.

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