Avail free support for free and opensource softwares (FOSS) from Muftasoft (TM).

Applied Technology Research Center (ATRC) is the parent company and many of you might be familiar with that name.

Free and Opensource is defined as softwares which are copyrighted and licensed in a way to prevent commercial exploitation of the code by those who are not the original authors or contributors in the development of the software.

An example is the definition provided by the Free Software Foundation (FSF)

They call it the four freedoms of free software.

To promote free and opensource softwares (FOSS), Muftasoft (TM) is providing free support to anyone who requests it regarding free softwares.

To avail this support send an email to free-foss-support@atrc.net.pk

We also provide priority support for free and commercial softwares and for the integration between the two.

Paid support is available by emailing support@atrc.net.pk

Home page : http://atrc.net.pk/muftasoft