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Heavy Data Backup

Wordpress Backup services

Protect your site and store. Save every change with real-time backups to our backup servers.

Restore yourself or with the assistance of our experts.

Great for:

WooCommerce stores

News organizations

Membership sites

Online forums


Real-time backups as you edit

10GB of cloud storage

30-day activity log archive

Unlimited one-click restores from the last 30 days

WooCommerce order and table backups

Redundant cloud backups on our global network

Priority support


Protect your revenue stream and content

Restore your site easily.

Fix your site without a developer

Protect Woocommerce order and customer data

Best-in-class support from WordPress experts

Charges :

USD 50 Setup charges for the backup. These are waived currently as an introductory offer for all customers.

For 10 GB of backup space.

USD 1 dollar for the first month.

$5 per month when billed yearly.

For 1 TB ( 1000 GB ) of backup space.

USD 30 per month, billed yearly


Self restoration is free. This option can be done by all users.

Extra services for restores

If you want our experts to restore your wordpress and woocommerce website.

The service is available so you do not have to worry about restoring your site.

Charges for level 3 experts : USD 240 per hour.

Charges for level 2 experts : USD 180 per hour.

Charges for level 1 experts : USD 120 per hour.

Assisted restoration service charges might be waived for some customers as a special offer.

Data backup for your PC.

For 1 TB ( 1000 GB ) of backup space.

USD 30 per month, billed yearly

Backup of files for Linux, Android, Mac OS and Windows OS systems.

Backup for Linux machines and servers.

For 1 TB ( 1000 GB ) of backup space.

USD 30 per month, billed yearly

Veeam Backup

Seamlessly tier your Veeam backups into our Cloud Servers. No interruptions to your workflow as all backup jobs and restores occur directly within Veeam Backup & Replication.

Server Backup

Servers are complicated, backing them up doesn't need to be. Using our specialized software you now have a powerful backup solution that is simple to use, feature-rich, and affordable.

NAS Backup

Using native integrations from Synology, QNAP, TrueNAS and more, you can easily back up and sync your NAS data to our Cloud Storage.

Computer Backup

Easily protect your business data through a centrally managed admin. Unlimited, secure, off-site backup for your business. Extended Version History: Retain files versions for one year or forever.

Quantity discounts available for wholesalers, resellers and buyers.

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