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Applied Technology Research Center

We help solve your business problems by providing technology and training.

ICT Services

Applied Technology Research Center offers training, consultancy and support which is beneficial in improving profits and revenues by improving the systems which are used by our clients.

We offer expert advice, independent consulting, professional services and support for projects related to Information Technology and Communications within and outside the organization.

Our key objectives are promoting good ICT management, reducing the causes of waste or resources, which lead to missed business opportunities, and helping to improve the delivery of services to the customers. We draw on substantial international experience in designing, implementing and monitoring these projects.

Development occurs on many platforms in a variety of languages, databases and frameworks. Product and service procurement consulting (specifications, configurations, evaluations, installations, upgrades, and sales) is also provided.

Our specializations are secure and reliable computing solutions.


We are here to help you. So send us your problem via email for a no obligation assessment. If we have the people and resources to help solve it or partially solve it, we shall inform you.

We do not claim that we shall be able to solve every problem, but do claim that we shall have a look to see what can be done.

There are many software and hardware components and with different features.

We continually research in many fields for the reliable and secure programs and components.

Usually there is no one software or ready made system which can meet all the needs of any client.

That is why our company provides better solutions by helping to integrate multiple programs as one coherent solution to meet our client's needs. Usually the objective is to design a system which shall meet the current and next 5 to 10 year needs.

We use our experience in developing and integrating software, hardware and engineering to design, develop and provide easy to use, secure and reliable integrated seamless solutions.

The features listed on our website are just the common ones. Please do not take them as the only features possible and do not limit your ideas to them. Since we select from millions of programs and components, our capabilities are not limited to the common features. We can develop components to almost any imaginable requirement up to the limits of any currently available technology. Even future designs are usually incorporated so that our clients can get the most useful life and return on investment from the system they invest in now with us.

If you are interested in getting the most out of your technology investment, then contact us with your requirements.

Send an email to :

What we do best.

The most simple to complex technologies explained in a simple to understand business return on investment type language.

Select and design technologies for businesses (our clients) to make them more profitable and sustainable.

Areas of interest

Alternative and renewable energy

Information and communications.


Entrepreneurship for new business design.

Featured products and services.

Company Introduction / Company Profile (PDF)

How we work and operate as a projectized organization

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